Overview & SUmmary

The project includes the installation of an array of photovoltaic panels with a maximum capacity of 30MWAC and the infrastructure will occupy approximately 92ha of land. The farm will include a site sub-station comprising a transformer, switch gear and protection equipment.  The farm will consist of solar PV panels, steel racking and piled supports, inverter stations, electrical cabling, telecommunications equipment, an Operations and Maintenance Building, site substation and perimeter security fencing. The solar panels will be similar to those used for domestic applications and will operate as a single axis tracking system (SAT) which follows the sun during the course of the day to ensure optimal energy generation. The farm will consist of linear strings of mounted panels organised into blocks. Each block will connect to an inverter station that will convert the direct current (DC) energy into grid compatible alternating current (AC) energy. The generated electricity will be exported into the network by an underground 22kV cable to Essential Energy’s substation located on Whitehead Street located approximately 2.5km east of the project site.

Project STATUS

The installation of the piles is 100% complete, around 100% of the trackers and panels have been installed, and the electrical works is 100% complete.


Project Location
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